Counterfeit Parts

FCA US LLC’s (FCA) Brand Protection team has over 10 years of expertise in identifying counterfeit products and ensuring their removal from the aftermarket. Utilizing counterfeit part(s) on your vehicle is a safety hazard to the passengers but can also cause significant damage to the vehicle. The Brand Protection team works diligently to combat the counterfeiting of FCA parts to ensure FCA’s customers receive the safest and most reliable vehicle experience. There are several ways to determine if a part is counterfeit; below are a few examples to show that some characteristics are easily identifiable, whereas others may more difficult to recognize. Purchase genuine!

Airbag Covers

Genuine Original Airbag Cover
Counterfeit Counterfeit Airbag Cover

Suspension Bushings

Genuine Original Suspension Bushing
Counterfeit Counterfeit Suspension Bushing

Brake Pads

Genuine Original Brake Pads
Counterfeit Counterfeit Brake Pads

Air Filters

Genuine Original Oil Filter
Counterfeit Counterfeit Oil Filter